Clutch Does Burger Week

Can you think of a better way to welcome spring than driving all over Halifax in search of the perfect burger? Neither could we, so that’s just what we decided to do. There were quite a few reasons we decided to start our company in Halifax. If we had have known about Halifax Burger Week this time last year, it would have made our decision that much easier!

Halifax Burger Week is a great way to get out and enjoy the city – even if the weather is still on the unpredictable side and there may not be a single green blade of grass in the entire province. If anything is going to motivate us to get on the move it would be 125 of the best burgers this city has to offer. But where to begin? We consulted with our in-house burger experts and came up with a list of top prospects for burger of the year. Be sure to check back during the week since we’ll be updating this post daily to keep you current on all the deliciousness we encounter on our burger-inspired adventure.

It wouldn’t be in true Clutch spirit if we didn’t give back along the way. That’s why we’re giving away gift cards to every restaurant we feature, and matching that with an equal donation to Feed Nova Scotia. Head to our Facebook page to enter the contest and support a great cause!

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Clutch’s Guide to Used Car Buying – 9 Insider Tips You Should Know

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is no small feat. For most Canadians, it will be the second largest purchase of their lives after a home. Clutch Canada believes that buying your first car should be just as exciting as buying your first home. Unfortunately for most, this is not the case, and many are taken advantage of. Many customers leave dealerships with a bad taste in their mouth once the paperwork is signed. They often drive away left wondering ‘did I get a good deal?’ or ‘did I just buy a lemon?’.

Clutch’s 9-Point Guide

This simple 9-point guide is here to help ‘you’, the customer make an informed decision and highlight things you should watch out for or avoid when shopping for a used/new vehicle:

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Sell Your Car Through Clutch

Through emails, phone calls and online messaging, one of the most common questions we get at is “how do I sell my car?”. While Kijiji and AutoTrader are very popular, navigating the stormy seas of new/used/certified, dealer, and non-dealer sellers, it can sometimes feel like the Wild West.

Kijiji recommends that buyers pay for all items in person (see image). For such a large purchase, we doubt anyone feels comfortable with this approach.

Source: Kijiji

Clutch specializes in helping consumers sell their vehicles while handling all of the messy paperwork and uncertainty that comes with selling privately.

“Thank you for taking care of this – you guys rock”

– Glenn G.

There are two options that a seller can take when they’re looking to sell their vehicle:

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5 Reasons Why Clutch Chose Halifax

Businesses leaving the Maritimes for greener pastures is a story we’re all used to by now. So why did the founders of Clutch leave their homes in Southern Ontario to start their business in the Maritimes? Here are five reasons why Clutch chose Halifax:

The Lay of the Land

Much of Nova Scotia’s population is grouped together around the inlet. According to the 2016 Census, nearly 43% of Nova Scotians live in the HRM. This means that Clutch can offer test drives straight to the doors of more of the population, servicing up to 100km from their operation in Dartmouth. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Clutch Chose Halifax”

Clutch + Rubber Duck Car Wash

Hey Halifax! Hope you’re enjoying your December. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Rubber Duck Car Wash. With 10 locations situated in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, there is always a location nearby when you’re in a hurry to give your car the shine it deserves.

Once you’ve gone through the steps of purchasing a car through Clutch, you will receive 5 free car washes at a Rubber Duck location of your choosing. 

When we were looking for local brands to partner with, what really caught our eye was how Rubber Duck has transformed over the years. Starting in 1988 with one location in Bedford, they have established themselves as a go-to brand when cleaning your car.

We’re looking forward to partnering with more brands as we continue to service the HRM.

Head on over to to check out our inventory, or give one of our car enthusiasts a call at (902) 800-8042 to schedule a free test drive!

– The Clutch Team

An Open Look Into Clutch’s Photography and Detailing Setup

Clutch HQ Flyby! Here at Clutch, we’re proud of what we’re doing. Being open and transparent are two of the main reasons we’re in the used car industry. We think there are improvements to be made and we want to be at the forefront of that change.

Here’s an inside look into Clutch’s professional photography and detailing setup:

Head to to check out our inventory! If you find a car you like, schedule a test drive and kick the tires at a location of your choice.

Proudly serving the Halifax & Dartmouth region.

– The Clutch Team

Hello Halifax!

Hello Halifax and you Haligonians!

First off, the team at Clutch would like to say thank you for being so welcoming into your province. As a Canadian based technology company, we’re excited to be part of the excitement that is happening in the Maritimes.

The U.S receives high praise for their California Route Highway 1 (which we admit, is pretty great); however, we think the East Coast deserves a little more credit! With winding roads right beside the Atlantic Ocean, and some of the friendliest people on the planet, it’s an amazing place for a road trip. Annapolis Valley, Cabot Trails, Lunenburg…need we say more?

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Selling Through Kijiji? A Few Pro Tips from Clutch

The Halifax region is known for its car culture. With limited taxi services (and no Uber!), a car is essential for the majority of daily commuters. While there are many new car dealerships in Halifax, in the pre-owned market, many buyers still resort to Kijiji when they’re looking for their next car. As this process can be nervewracking, Clutch is here to provide you with a few tips that will help you avoid surprises along the way.

Check out these 8 tips that are essential next time you’re in the market:

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What is Clutch?

Clutch is an online platform that is reinventing the used car buying experience. How are we different from AutoTrader or Kijiji? We purchase our own inventory, which is then rigorously inspected and professionally photographed. We like to highlight wear and tear so you know we’re not trying to hide anything! After scheduling a test drive, one of our Clutch Car Enthusiasts, who is rated on customer satisfaction, will greet you and help you decide if the car is a right fit. Instead of selling unneeded add-ons to squeeze out a few extra dollars, we’ve spent our time thinking about the perfect customer experience – gone are the days of cheap suits and high-pressure sales. With no expensive showroom and no commission salespeople, we are able to price our cars below other dealers.

Transparency, quality-cars, no pressure 

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